The Battle of South Mountain, September 14, 1862

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50th Georgia Regiment Casualties on the Fox's Gap Battlefield

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The following records appeared in

News from Fox's Gap

December 1, 2000, Issue 10, Volume 1

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Abbreviations used in the Casualty List:

ADM Admitted (to hospital)
AWOL Absent Without Leave (from 50th Georgia unit)
CAP Captured (by Union forces)
EXC Exchanged (returned by Union forces to the Confederates)
FRD Frederick, Maryland
MOC Mt. Olivet Cemetery (grave number follows)
POW Prisoner of War (held in a Union prison camp)
RH Richmond Hospital (Confederate) - a consolidated name representing various
Confederate hospitals in Richmond, Virginia
USGH United States General Hospital - (a Union hospital, city follows)

Clarification of other items appearing in the Casualty List:

Mt. Olivet Cemetery - in Frederick, Maryland, was the place of burial for many Confederates
Richmond Hospital - any of a number of Confederate hospitals in Richmond, Virginia, including
Chimborazo #1 and #2, GH 1-24, Winder hospital, Howard's Grove, Mayo Island, and others.
The name of the specific hospital unit in Richmond may be found for each veteran in the
Compiled Service Records at the Georgia State Archives.

(1) Casualties fall into three categories:

(a) Men captured in Frederick, Maryland, on September 12, 1862. It is likely that these men
were left behind, too sick to move with the army when it moved west on September 10th.
(b) Battle casualties from the September 14th fight at Fox's Gap
(c) Men who were captured September 15th with Longstreet's ordinance wagon train between
Hagerstown and Williamsport by Federal cavalry escaping from Harpers Ferry.

(2) Status codes are abbreviated as follows:

KIA - Killed in Action
WIA - Wounded in Action
MWIA - Mortally Wounded in Action (died from wounds)
MWIA/CAP - Mortally Wounded in Action and Captured
WIA/CAP - Wounded in Action and Captured
CAP - captured
MIA - Missing in Action

(3) An asterisk (*) next to the Status code means that it was impossible to determine whether the
casualty took place at Fox's Gap on September 14, at Sharpsburg, Maryland, on September 17, or, in
the case of captures, somewhere in between.

(4) The 50th Georgia's battle casualties at Fox's Gap are as follows:

Present - Approximately 230 (per Lt. William Fleming's account)
KIA 52
WIA 48
CAP 30
MIA _ 6

(5) The ratio of killed to wounded (72:76, or roughly 1:1) is virtually unprecedented for any regiment in
any Civil War battle. Typically, there were three to five men wounded for each man killed. This
gives mute testimony to the tenacity of the 50th's soldiers and the savagery of this battle. An
additional contributing factor is an account from a private in the 21st Connecticut who claims that
he witnessed Federal ammunition wagons being driven over wounded Confederates in the Old
Sharpsburg Road. These would have been the wounded of the 50th and 51st Georgia regiments.

Name Company Status Comments
Allen, George W. A WIA/CAP EXC 12/18/62
Altman, Jasper S. A MIA/CAP CAP in FRD 9/12/62
Altman, Samuel A MWIA/CAP Died at USGH Philadelphia 10/11/62 from
head wound
Collins, George W. A WIA ADM to RH 9/27/62
Dowling, David A. A MIA/CAP CAP 9/12/62 near FRD; EXC during Oct 1862
Dowling, Lt. Aaron A WIA/CAP EXC Oct 1862; ADM to RH 10/8/62
Eddenfield, William A MIA/CAP CAP at Middletown, MD; EXC during Oct 1862
Fletcher, John W. A WIA Feb 1863 roll states "sent to hospital 9/14/62";
no further record
Gooding, William A. A WIA
McElhaney, John T. A KIA
Minshew, Sgt. Wryan F. A MIA/CAP EXC during Oct 1862
Oberry, Robert G. A WIA
Stone, George R. A KIA
Stone, William H. A MIA/CAP EXC during Oct 1862
Thomas, Jackson A MIA/CAP CAP at FRD, 9/19/62; died from disease
Thomas, James F. A KIA
Thomas, Lewis R. A MIA/CAP ADM to RH 9/27/62 with gun shot wound
Thomas, Sgt. Edmund A MIA/CAP* In USGH FRD 9/19/62; died from disease in
Tippens (Tippins) James A WIA
Waldron, Benjamin D. A WIA/CAP EXC 10/17/62; RH 10/23/62 with shoulder
Wilson, Captain John T. A MWIA Not on rolls after battle; death claim filed Jan
Anderson, James B WIA ADM to RH 9/25/62
Bailey, Sgt. James S. B MIA/CAP CAP at FRD 9/12/62; EXC in Oct 1862
Brewton (Bruton), David B WIA/CAP CAP at FRD 9/12/62; USGH 9/18/62; EXC in
Oct 1862
Lee, George B WIA
Morgan, Isaac B MIA/CAP CAP 9/15/62 at Hagerstown; EXC in Oct 1862
Music, Mills B MWIA/CAP USGH FRD with elbow wound; dies Dec 1863 at
Fort Delaware
Phillips, Gordon J. B WIA/CAP USGH Philadelphia 9/27/62 with head
wound; EXC Dec 1862
Pitman, Sgt. Noah B WIA* RH 10/14/62 with wound; furloughed 10/23/62;
never returns
Rowland, R. L. B MWIA Died at Staunton, VA 10/31/62
Rowland, William N. B WIA/CAP RH 10/62; had not returned to unit by Dec 1862
Walker, Cpl. Joel B WIA/CAP EXC in Oct 1862
White, Cpl. George B MIA/CAP EXC in Oct 1862
White, Van A. B MIA Dec 1864 roll states "left sick on March 9/62,
supposed to have died"
Carver, James A. C WIA/CAP EXC 10/17/62; RH with broken arm 10/24/62
Carver, James J. C MWIA/CAP Died 9/28/62 at Boonsboro, MD
Cato, William R. C WIA/CAP EXC 10/19/62; RH 10/23/62 with arm wound
Dent, Cpl. John A. C MIA/CAP EXC 12/18/62
Eady (Eddy), William F. C KIA
Hargraves, Christopher C WIA/CAP EXC in Oct 1862
Joiner, Cpl. Jacob C KIA
Joiner, Hardy Sr. C WIA
Kirkland, Zean W. C WIA/CAP USGH FRD 10/22/62 with leg wound. EXC Jan
McCafferty, Dominic C MIA/CAP EXC in Oct 1862
Merritt, Benjamin C KIA
Miller, Cpl. William M. C KIA
Moore, Sgt. Edward H. C WIA/CAP Paroled 9/25/62
Nettles, Alexander C WIA Feb 1863 roll shows him on wounded furlough
Passmore, Nathan C. C KIA
Ricketson, Ivey C KIA
Ruis (Rewis), James J. C WIA Dec 1862 roll shows him on wounded furlough
Smith, Henry C KIA
Smith, William C WIA ADM RH 10/7/62; then on wounded furlough
Teston, Henry J. C WIA ADM to RH 10/18/62
Teston, James C WIA EXC 10/11/62; RH 10/17/62; at hospital 12/62
Thigpen, Stafford C KIA
Vining, James C MIA/CAP EXC 10/17/62
Ward, John F. C WIA ADM to RH 9/27/62 with facial and shoulder
Wooten, Simon L. C WIA/CAP EXC 10/19/62 and ADM to RH
Wright, Cpl. Riley C WIA/CAP USGH Philadelphia 9/27/62; took Oath of
Allegiance 10/18/62
Briggs, Sgt. William H. D MIA/CAP CAP 9/15/62 near Williamsport; EXC in Oct
Brown, Hezekiah D KIA
Bynum, Joseph D MIA/CAP EXC 9/27/62
Coleman, Bernard D MIA/CAP Paroled at Sharpsburg 9/27/62; rolls show as
POW through Feb 1865
Hardie (Hardee), Jesse A. D MIA/CAP* EXC in Oct 1862
Herndon, G. W. D WIA
Hughes, E. D MWIA Henderson and 1906 Roster Commission roll
both indicate, "died of wounds"
Hughes, R. P. D MWIA/CAP Died 11/5/62 at USGH FRD; buried MOC, #174
Lester, Simeon B. D MIA/CAP CAP at FRD 9/12/62; EXC in Oct 1862
McConnell, Cpl. W. F. D KIA
Nelson, William J. Sr. D WIA/CAP EXC 10/17/62; RH 10/24/62, toe amputated
Newnans, A. S. D MIA No Federal capture/exchange records; present
on 12/62 roll
Peters, S. F. D MWIA/CAP USGH Washington 9/29/62; RH 10/9/62; died
11/62 in Georgia
Rodgers, Thomas J. D MIA No Federal capture/exchange records
Swilly, Jack D KIA
Taylor, John W. D MIA/CAP EXC in Oct 1862
Vickers, Jackson D KIA
Vickers, Matthew D KIA
Walker, J. D MIA No Federal capture/exchange records; died
Nov 1862 in Lynchburg, VA
Wilson, William D WIA

Brown, Cpl. William
Ponder E WIA/CAP USGH FRD 9/18/62; EXC in Oct 1862
Cooper, Jesse M. E WIA/CAP USGH FRD 9/19/62, "hand shot off"
Creed, Paul M. J. E WIA/CAP
Donaldson, Aaron J. E WIA/CAP USGH Washington 9/21/62; RH 11/4/62
Douglass, William W. E WIA RH 9/28/62 with head wound; discharged from
army 1/12/63
Dunbar, Timothy S. E WIA Dec 1862 roll states, "wounded at Boonsboro and
now at home"
Gandy, Samuel E KIA
Gill, Thomas E MIA/CAP* EXC in Oct 1862
Harden, John E MIA No Federal capture/exchange records
Hardy, Blythel E KIA
Hicks, Moses E KIA
Hurst, William E. E MIA/CAP CAP 9/12/62 at FRD; EXC in Oct 1862
McCoy, Sgt. John E KIA
McGlynn, John E MIA/CAP EXC in Oct 1862
McPherson, Wyatt H. E MWIA/CAP USGH FRD; leg amputated; died 10/27/62;
buried MOC, #14
Murphey, James N. E KIA
O'Rourke, James E KIA
Phillips, Joshua G. E KIA
Radney, Henry J. E MIA/CAP CAP 9/15/62; EXC 10/6/62
Reneau, Sgt. Russell R. E KIA
Sheffield, Simeon B. E WIA/CAP Dec 1862 roll states, "captured, took Oath"; no
further record
Shuman, Emanuel E MWIA/CAP Died 9/24/62 at USGH FRD; buried MOC, #34
Stanfill, Joseph J. E WIA
Vann, John E KIA
Atkinson, Benjamin F KIA
Bachelor, William
Bennett F WIA
Boyett, William T. F WIA ADM to RH 9/27/62
Bryant, Daniel H. F WIA/CAP USGH FRD 10/1/62; wounded in both legs
Bryant, John W. F KIA
Burns, Sgt. Seaborn F KIA
Cloud, Martin L. F MIA/CAP EXC in Oct 1862
Cloud, Peter M. F WIA ADM to RH 9/26/62
Davidson, Gideon F MIA/CAP EXC in Oct 1862
Dekle, Lt. William G. F KIA
Garland, Nathaniel F MWIA/CAP Paroled 9/25/62; died at Boonsboro, MD,
Grantham, Cpl. Elijah T. F KIA
Harrison, Joseph F MWIA/CAP* USGH Washington 9/21/62; 12/62 roll shows
absent on furlough
Herring, Elisha D. F KIA
Hicks, Newton F WIA ADM to RH in Oct 1862 with arm wound
Horn, John M. F KIA
Mallard, George R. F KIA
Maxwell, Cpl. William F. F WIA/CAP EXC in early Oct 1862; ADM to RH 10/1/62

McTyre, Sgt. Henry W. F MIA/CAP EXC in Oct 1862
Metcalf, Benjamin F. F WIA/CAP Paroled 9/25/62; ADM to RH 10/1/62 with leg
Nesmith, Elijah F KIA
Nix, Clayton F KIA
Nix, John T. F MWIA/CAP Died 10/4/62 at FRD; buried MOC, #88
Powell, Jesse H. F MIA/CAP EXC in Oct 1862; exchange record shows J. H.
Powell, William J. F KIA
Ricks, James W. F MIA/CAP EXC in Oct 1862
Sloan, David F MWIA/CAP Died 9/27/62 at FRD; buried MOC, #53
Smith, Benjamin W. F KIA
Trawick, Orthwald F MWIA/CAP Died 9/28/62 at FRD; buried MOC, #56
Trulock, Charles F MWIA/CAP Died 9/27/62 at USGH FRD; buried MOC, #16
Wiley, William R. F MWIA/CAP Died 9/23/62 at USGH FRD; buried MOC, #23
Williams, William H. F MIA/CAP Present on Dec 1862 roll; no further record
Bass, David G KIA
Bassd, Archibald G WIA
Brack, Sgt. Augustus G WIA ADM to RH 10/5/62
Buckland, ? G WIA Possibly Lt. Isaac Burkholder; ADM RH
Clemmens, James G WIA ADM to RH 9/26/62
Corbett, Manning G MWIA/CAP Died 10/1/62 at USGH FRD; buried MOC, #73
Corbitt, Cpl. William B. G WIA ADM to RH 9/27/62 with head wound
Corbitt, Martin G WIA
Curry, Sgt. Charles W. G WIA/CAP USGH Washington 9/29/62; RH 10/6/62; at
home 12/31/62
Douglass, Sgt. James G WIA/CAP Paroled 10/3/62; ADM to RH 10/23/62
Guthrie, William James G KIA
Hargraves, James B. G WIA
Henderson, Mark F. G MIA/CAP CAP near Williamsport 9/15/62; EXC in Oct
Jones, Abner G WIA Winchester hospital 10/20/62; 1864 death
claim says he died from wounds
Lastinger, David M. G MIA/CAP* EXC in Oct 1862
Osteen, Captain John R. G MWIA/CAP Died 9/23/62 at USGH FRD; buried MOC, #30
Register, John T. G WIA ADM to RH 9/27/62 with neck wound
Roberts, Cpl. William T. G WIA Feb 1863 roll states, "wounded 9/14 and
furloughed home"
Roberts, John G KIA
Roberts, Moses G WIA At RH 10/5/62 wounded, furloughed; no further
Sears, James G WIA* At RH 9/27/62 with chin wound; no further
Sermons (Sirmons), L. R. G KIA
Strickland, Matthew T. G MWIA/CAP Died 12/14/62 at USGH FRD; buried MOC,
Thomas, Colin G WIA/CAP EXC in Oct 1862; furloughed from RH 11/16/62
Vining, Jasper H. G KIA
Allred, Jackson A. H WIA ADM to RH 10/15/62 with thigh wound
Brown, Sgt. James H KIA
Castleberry, Joseph H KIA
Flowers, James B. H WIA ADM to RH 9/26/62
Flowers, Nathan O. H WIA
Gay, Matthew H WIA
Giles, David A. H WIA Wounded in hand; received disability
discharge Apr 1863
Hancock, Cpl. Henry W. H MIA/CAP Paroled 9/21/62
Hancock, Cpl. Jeremiah H KIA
Hancock, Hardin H MIA Feb 65 roll states, "AWOL since 9/62, dropped
out on march 9/14"
Hancock, Harrison G. H KIA
Hood, Cpl. James A. H KIA
Kinard, Jacob H MIA/CAP EXC in Oct 1862
Mercer, John H WIA ADM to RH 10/29/62
Price, Willis H MWIA Died 9/28/62 at Winchester
Chambers, Hugh C. I MIA/CAP CAP 9/15/62 near Williamsport; EXC in Oct
Gaskins, Lt. Daniel D. I WIA
Hartley, William H. I KIA
Hendley, Cpl. Matthew I KIA
Marshall, Lewis I KIA
McCranie, Josiah I MIA/CAP CAP 9/15/62 near Williamsport; EXC in Oct
McMillan, Randall I WIA ADM to RH 10/6/62
Mobley, Lt. Francis L. I WIA Ball grazed head; MWIA at Sharpsburg on
Purvis, Andrew J. I KIA
Tison, James H. I KIA
Alderman, William R. K MIA/CAP EXC in Oct 1862
Daylay, (Daily), Daniel K MIA/CAP EXC 10/17/62
Edwards, Seaborn A. K MIA/CAP Paroled 9/25/62; RH 10/1/62; died at
Winchester 10/30/62
Finch, Jimpsey B. K MIA/CAP EXC in Oct 1862
Finch, Lt. James B. K WIA Lost left eye
Hill, Sgt. Joseph L. K WIA/CAP EXC 10/17/62; furloughed 10/25/62; no further
Jones, Malachi Frank K WIA ADM to RH 10/5/62 with gun shot wound
Rambo, Thomas, W. K WIA/CAP Wounded leg, side, and arm; EXC 4/63;
furloughed; never returns
Vickery, William K MIA/CAP EXC 10/17/62
Manning, Colonel
William R. X WIA Flesh wound in hip

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